Inside started as a collaboration between Neville Parker and Paul de Lisle back in late 1999 when Neville was asked to undertake a large office design project within a very tight timeframe - and with the 1999-2000 holiday break in the middle. Neville knew of Paul's legendary ability to manage difficult building projects and approached him for help.

The project quadrupled in size within the first two weeks (a merger of two companies) - but we delivered on time, on budget and to design expectation.

And so began Inside.

We have taken on a very diverse range of projects since then. Complacency is not in our nature - we are always open to new challenges to which we can apply our design methodology. You will see from our gallery of work that we've been involved in just about every facet of building and interior design.

There are a few fundamental practice philosophies that we stick by:

1. We design from the inside - the function of any space, be it house or office or commercial building, will drive our design thinking.

2. Always having an eye on buildability is our edge - the combined ability to creatively design then scrutinise for how it might be successfully turned into reality is what sets us apart from others in our profession.

3. Communication is key within the office. We all sit close together. We all work on the same projects. We all contribute to discussions. We always eat lunch together- halloumi cheese salads and smoothies are in. We all listen in on phone calls (except the personal ones) to make sure we are all in touch with whats happening on our projects.

4. We will always try to be more accommodating than most. We understand that for some of our clients, the design process is reasonably foreign, so we will help them through.

5. Our office will always be a relaxed, open and friendly place to be. There are no enclosed rooms at our place - all meetings are in the open and most are held around our central tall table.

Good coffee keeps us running. We have an E61 Rocket ready to go for any current or future client that comes visiting.

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