museum hotel facade design

We did not design the museum hotel or it's modifications. We were, however, asked by Arrow International project managers to peer review the weatherproofing design details for the already constructed GRC facade panels as they connected to each other, to window sections and to the building structure. We worked closely with Arrow to take the facade concept and develop details in 3D, arrange for prototyping and testing in the BRANZ test facility. It was essential for the success of this exercise to test the complete system - GRC panels with all the tricky junctions plus their connections to the window frames.

Also necessary to design a construction sequence that allowed Arrow to remain on programme.

All interesting technical challenges which we enjoyed getting into.

the GRC prototype panels being assembled prior to testing in the BRANZ testing booth. these panel junctions required careful design to ensure the quality could be maintained on site as well as for the prototype test.
the prototype panel assembly in the test booth being subjected to high pressure water and air to simulate the extreme conditions expected at the upper levels of a high rise building. We were involved in every step of this test and refine process.

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