o.i. glass

This is the OI glass office building in Penrose (once known as ACI Glass), Auckland. This project was a design/build exercise with Aspect Interiors Auckland. Our brief was to redesign an existing 1960's office building to upgrade the exterior in time for a major international event. The challenging part of this was twofold , firstly the building cladding was asbestos and secondly, the redesign work needed to done with the building still in use. We used a unique to NZ stretched fabric membrane suspended in front of the existing windows and panelling. You will see from the sequential before and after photos how this was done.

this is an exterior grade mesh fabric. It's stretched over an aluminium frame to form a new layer 400mm in front of the existing windows. the office space inside has unimpeded views plus sun shading. It also provides shading to counter internal heat build-up.
these are asbestos panels. Removing/replacing them would have have required vacating the building for the duration of reconstruction - which seemed needless since the asbestos was safer left ont he building and was not deteriorating.
the windows had been layered with solar film to reduce the glare and heat build up in the office but it was not enough to reduce glare and radiant heat
the aluminium framework was designed to span over the asbestos panelling
an exterior grade fabric is stretched and clipped into the aluminium frame
the steel frame straddles the asbestos panels. the aluminium extrusions fix to the steel sub-frame. the fabric stretches and clips into the extrusion.

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