webb street apartments

We designed this apartment building for Land Equity Group to accommodate 58 studio apartments. We started with an existing two level building shell and added two floors. Working with Steve Hogg from Romulus (design engineers now part of Aurecon) to strengthen the building using an external skeleton philosophy, the additional floors feature double height spaces to allow sleeping mezzanine platforms to occupy the space over kitchen, bathroom and living area facilities. This approach allowed the studios to feel open and spacious within a tight footprint.

we won a Dulux colour award for creative use of colour on this project. that was nice. we were really just looking to find away to make visual sense of the necessary structural K braces.
We coordinated the BRANZ testing of the window joinery with the cavity cladding. We tested the total system - not just the individual components.
An early Sketch-Up image to show the client what it would look like.
A simple pencil line overlay to show the change in scale of exisitng versus new.
Structural bracing went up first - facade built in behind.
Sketch of the double height appartments on the top floors. mezzanine sleeping platform over kitchen and bathroom facilities below. Makes for an interesting but efficient layout.
The only window is a double height window which brings light into the living area and also through to the sleeping platform.

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