GS1 New Zealand Inc

GS1 is another client we’ve been working with for quite some time. They had us do their original fit out in Wellington – It went well and they’ve stuck with us for two subsequent fit outs in Wellington and Auckland.

For this fit out in Wellington we took out the ceiling grid and exposed the stahlton floor above, creating an industrial feel.

We wanted to create a fun environment which reinforces the GS1 brand which is why the board room features a supply chain graph and a table graphic bar code.

It was great fun designing the colourful carpet insert by Dilana Rugs which winds around the office.

This table comes from Vitra. We think it's the nicest stool height table we've seen.
Inlite Supernovas in a perferated ceiling panel.
Carpet runner, produced by custom carpets LTD, winds its way around the office simulating the supply chain, which is integral to the GS1 business
The cable tray snakes around the office at a high level, carrying lighting, power, data and heat detector cabling.
The reception desk is formed from Corian with the graphic images rebated into the face.
All graphic imagery and carpet runner design work was done by Capiche, in close collaboration with Inside.
Lamp shades woven from orange cord in a task of devotion to design by Shjaan of Inside

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