Xero 2

The Manthel Motors corner has been a distinctive Wellington landmark for decades. The building itself is the result of a gradual development of the site – the building you see now as one is actually two. Our plan is to effect stage three and add additional floors above.

Our design philosophy is to mirror the bulk and form of the Manthel Building with a simplified reflection above. We’ve designed a screen of semi-transparent mesh that covers most of the upper building. This material is held off the face of the main building and creates a layer that is opaque from the outside in bright sunlight and becomes almost transparent at night. It’s a giant sunscreen. Window boxes provide dedicated meeting and gathering spaces with a direct connection with the street. There’s three of these – two along Wakefield street and one above the entrance on Taranaki Street. The development will provide five large open floor plates with daylight on three sides. The second floor is set back from the face of the building and features an indoor/outdoor deck on the north/west corner.

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