colmar brunton wellington

Colmar Brunton have been a loyal client of ours since 1988. We've designed offices in both Wellington and Auckland (twice) and have consequently learnt the research business pretty well. CBR Wellington needed to fit into an existing office fit out with minimal alteration. Our approach to this brief was to pick just a few items of furniture and integrated art that we would pay particular attention to. The CEO of Colmar Brunton (Harry Pappafloratos) was a great partner in the creative exercise. He died a few days before this was written - we will miss him. Great guy.

this table was designed by us and built by sculptor/artist Greg Bloomfield (check his website - wacky furniture!). It's made of steel and translucent resin sheets illuminated with lighting from below. Not surprisingly, it's called the "eye table".
we specified Vitra Meda chairs to go around the meeting table - they're a contemporary classic that offers a refreshing alternative to the ubiquitous Eames chair found in almost every ad agency.

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