Engineering and Print Manufacturers Union office in Wellington. EPMU bought their own warehouse building in Rongotai. An inspired move. The interior is split between open plan office and enclosed office spaces/library/lunch room by an angled plexiglass wall on exposed framing. Air conditioning and lighting is suspended by cantilevered arms over the open office. it's an inclusive working environment that reflects the values and working style of the organisation.

this angled plexiglas wall is fixed to exposed steel framing. The light behind makes it translucent.
the services spine - lighting, air con and power/data run off this.
this cable tray is the artery for all services to the open plan area
these light fittings are called "baggies" - we designed them as sailcloth bags to fit around standard fluorescents as a way of difusing the light in a creative way. Meredith Webster from Fabricate made the bags.

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