haines attract wellington

We've been working with HainesAttract since not long after they began as Haines Recruitment Advertising way back in 1990. It all started with the first Wellington office design for Dave Wilson and his staff of 4. We've been alongside ever since - through 10 office moves and reconfigurations in Wellington, Auckland and Christchurch. We've developed some great strategies for dealing with physical space changes along the way. It's quite a special relationship to us - we feel part of the family. HainesAttract are a creative company and encourage us to be creative with their environment - that's an added bonus for us.

steel construction mesh suspended from the ceiling. Plumen lamps hang from the mesh. The multi-coloured cords are 5m long and are laid loosely on the mesh.
we're just waiting for HainesAttract creative staff to design some graphic images for this wall to complete the setting.
we designed this services "spine" to carry air con, lighting, power and data for the open plan workstations - the result is that services reticulate to only where they need to be.
we designed this table to be the social hub of the office - and it is.
the flooring is made from stained and clear coated strandboard panels. it's been down for 12 years now and has only just recently needed a tidy up.
a development of our non-fitted kitchen philosophy - all components are free standing and can be relocated to new premises if/when required.
the flooring is sheet rubber with recycled cork chips.
HainesAttract branding plays on the attraction theme - "dog/frisbee", "carrot/rabbit", "bee/flower". this water jet cut entry push plate design picks up on that.

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