inside studio

The dream job - being your own client. Except, of course, the budget constraints are even more stringent than usual.

An opportunity to explore new ways of planning a small office and creating an environment that allows easy communication and multi use of space.

This office has provided an opportunity to prototype and test ideas that we have used successfully in our client projects. If you roll your curser around the photos, you'll be able to find out more about the concept and details.

table designed by us with plexiglas folded over a steel backbone frame. Provides an office meeting zone/lunch table/common working space. Late afternoon sun turns it into a light box. Unexpected but very useful.
"the cloud" light fitting. Made from Lycra wrapped over fibreglass yachting battens with fluorescent light fittings attached to an aluminum central beam. It's a single source of lighting for the office.
workstations on electric sit/stand operation - we sit a while and stand a while to optimize ergonomics. We encourage all our clients to work this way.
Flooring is 2tec2. Woven PVC/fiberglass from it requires a bit more cleaning attention than most but gives a feeling of quality.
Jamaica stools by - they are a favorite of ours. Access from any angle, swivel seat, stable base - good all-rounder.
provides all the lighting for the office - 15 fuorescents fixed to a 3 metre aluminium tube with white lycra zippered into a giant sock and stretched over fibreglass sail battens bent tensioned into loops and inserted into holes in the aluminium tube. We made this ourselves as an office design and construction exercise.
Plexiglas balustrading panels - make sure the fixing holes are oversize to allow for movement......
proprietary stainless steel bench set up against a splash back wall.Often combined with a simple storage unit. Does not need all the cupboards and drawers of a domestic kitchen - just get filled with seldom used junk.
this is a single sheet of folded Plexiglas - it provides shelving, works as a splash back, is easy to clean and gives the wall some colour.
essential to any office - currently runs on Immigrant's Son "rituale"beans.

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