mighty river power

This is the mighty river power head office in Auckland. The office occupies two floors of ASB tower - about 2500sqm. We worked closely with project manger Carl Hanlon from the beginning to develop the brief - then we created the documentation and Carl made it all happen on site.

We positioned the public access spaces (reception, meeting rooms, cafe) on the lower floor and created a feature link stair from reception up to the working floor to ensure reception became a major traffic intersection.

There are a few visual cues in the fit out that reference the primary function of MRP - the generation of power via dams on the Waikato river.

these ceiling panels are constructed from 7 metre long sheets of aluminum composite material. They're designed to visually suggest turbine blades.
we designed this stair to link the reception floor with the working floor. It's a particularly clever piece of engineering - supported from a single post in the middle of the landing.

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