ministry for culture and heritage

We designed the original ministry for culture and heritage offices way back in 1992. They had a total of 6 staff and were the newest and smallest ministry.

Our brief at the time was to showcase integrated art and craft into the fabric of the office. We've moved them twice since then, taking the art and craft items and relocating them each time.

Staff numbers are now up around 120 and we've been constantly developing new working spaces for new staff requirements since. Change has been constant.

these bench seats and table are designed to replicate a picnic table setting. The central inclined section is used to showcase books written by ministry historian staff.
the "tools" are a collaborative artwork that we move from office to office. We display them differently each time -this time against a backdrop of corrugated iron.
this rug was designed by John Bevan Ford and made by Dilana Rugs in Christchurch. it's now been relocated 3 times as MCH move from office to office.
this space is entirely internal - no natural light. The primary lighting is provided by three ceiling lightboxes that look like skylights.

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