orange box

OrangeBox are a direct marketing company. Their intended office space was essentially one end of a large concrete warehouse space. They wanted an office that told their clients they were dealing with a company that could count "creative" among their attributes. They also wanted natural light - a problem given the space has no windows. Roll the curser over the windows to see how we dealt with this issue.

these are not real windows. They are 1200mm x 3000mm vertical light boxes that give the space the feel of a grand hall with a row of windows letting in sunlight. Took a bit of careful calculation to make sure the light levels remained adequate throughout the office space ( note no lights in the ceiling).
simple space dividers made from polycarbonate conservatory glazing panels. Note one has an "o" on it's footing bracket and one has a "b" - a playful reference to OrangeBox.
the first of many times we have used the folded plexiglass/ steel framed table idea we prototyped in our own office.

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