tongariro area school

A huge education project - involved amalgamating four education facilities, from early childhood through to year 13, all onto one site. It required extensive upgrading and modification the existing high school on the site, addition of a new technology block, relocating four buildings from the old primary school on another site and much the same for the early childhood centre.

We partnered with Aspec Construction in a very collaborative process to complete this project over a two year timeframe. We have been told the resulting combined school has vastly improved education delivery in the Tongariro area. It's good to have been part of that.

the walkway canopies were designed to link all the relocated primary school buildings. they stand independent of the classroom buildings but provide shelter from rain and airflow when it's hot.
all the movable kitchen equipment and supplies are stored in these bays. the access is by roller garage door.
We designed 120 degree kitchen stations to accommodate 3 students. they float well above floor level to allow easy cleaning.

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