This is a light fitting/ piece of art we designed for our office.

It provides lighting for the meeting/ work table under, as well as an ambient light for the rest of the workspace.

Inspiration for the design came from the lines on a site contour drawing- the materials and components are a reference to the items found in a drawing office (back in the day when we drew on paper).

The essence of what makes this so unique is the nature of the light quality as the diffused LED light source filters through the diffuser panel and down through the polyester drawing film sheets.

We made this ourselves using a lot of calculation, experimentation and trial and error mock ups- It took a few months to get it right.

Materials used are: 100 times 75 aluminium extrusions, LED tape, reflector, TruLED plexiglass, diffuser panel, SS rods, A1 polyester drawing film and bulldog clips.

The 76 polyester drawing films were cut by hand, which, needless to say, took some time.

A1 polyester drawing film, hand cut to shape.
TruLED plexiglass diffuser panel

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