dawkins road

a 75sqm, two bedroom house intended as a secondary dwelling on a Gladstone vineyard/olive grove. The main house to be designed pretty soon after. It hasn't happened yet - we like to think the small house works so well that the big house may never eventuate.

The house was designed with a self supporting roof canopy with wide eaves on all sides for sun shading. the high level windows allow light in and hot air out through louvres - Gladstone has very hot summers.

The two ends of the house open out completely via sliding doors. one end is the kitchen and the other is the main bedroom. Double sliding doors in the middle open up the relax space to the elements. These photos taken during construction (as you can tell ).

It's a simple, inexpensive design that was built to perfection by the clients (both in the building industry).

high level windows louvre windows allow theair to circulate through the house during the long, hot summers.
sliding doors open out the corners and the middle section.
the central sliders open up the central relax area. The two sliding doors into each corner open to effectively open up two walls of the kitchen/dining space and the main bedroom.
75sqm is a small space - it's a slim building.

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