orangi kaupapa road

we were engaged to re-design this house after the owners discovered major weather-tightness issues. We take on these projects on the basis that some key criteria are meet;

1. project has some design scope for us to add value by creative design, 2. the client understands that we are there to help to the best of our ability and any litigious thinking should be reserved for the people that created the problem, 3. We have a rapport with our clients and feel we can work together through this stressful process to create a better environment - the glass needs to be half full when we start.

The owners of this house were marvelous to work with, given the unfortunate situation they were in. On the plus side they now have a wonderfully warm and weather-tight house in which to raise their family. We are proud to have helped.

painted cedar weatherboard on cavity construction.
new window joinery.
we kept the exisitng wide eave roof - but replaced the soffit linings.
the view from this bedroom is now an uninterrupted, expansive view of all of Wellington.
this corner of the house was previously an indented outdoor area - we brought it back into the house and added bi-fold doors so it connect to the courtyard.

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