punjab street

Four semi-detached residential units with individual owners - all units suffering from weatherproofing problems. Our task has been to work with all owners, both as a collective and individually, to re-design each unit to resolve all existing and potential weatherproofing problems. Some of the owners have also taken the opportunity to expand the scope to include some internal alterations to better suit their lifestyle.

This image is of one of the units nearing completion. run your cursor over the following images to see detail of problems and fixes.

The nature of these projects require meticulous attention to recording all damage as a result of original design and construction, designing the best overall solution, documentation and project management of the rebuild. All aspects of the discovery, redesign and rebuild process will need to stand up to scrutiny through the legal process that invariably follows. We are very confident with our ability to do all this extremely well. We've helped with a reasonable number of similar projects now and maintain a good relationship with all our previous clients. That's important to us - we know the stress our clients are feeling and do our best to make the experience as positive as possible.

this inter-tenancy wall protruding above roof line is a prone area for water ingress
internal decks holding water that leak through to rooms below
windows not rated for the wind zone
no eaves - in a high wind zone - water finds a way in.
plaster over poly - no cavity to allow any water to exit (now required to meet building code)
We've redesigned the roof to simplify the shape, add eaves and eliminate the inter-tenancy wall protrusion above the roof line.
Windows replaced with correctly rated units.
weatherboard on cavity construction.
Nu-wall (aluminium weatherboard) as accent detailing.
An opportunity to add an expanded outdoor deck area - note the glass balustrading to take advantage of a magnificent over Wellington.

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