waru street

A project that makes it all worthwhile.....

Great clients with a sense of fun, aesthetic appreciation and a wonderfully playful art collection. It has been a long time coming (3 years in the planning) but such a satisfying result.

Our brief was to design a home that promoted family living - shared multi-use spaces and very few walls. Designed from the inside out - the exterior shell simply wraps around the interior space. Building envelope compliance constraints resulted in us coming up with a diagonal ridge line that has created a unique shape to the ceiling on the top floor. our client was instrumental in working through a design that played on that shape. it's great when designer and client can work together like that.

look closely - this stainless steel downpipe has been detailed to look like a post holding the corner of the roof
the bottom of the stair floats just above the grass
this folded plexiglas balustrade continues on to the outside deck area
the top floor is illuminated almost entirely by free standing lamps
LED strip lighting behind PSP truLED panels - needed careful detailing to ensure the fixings didn't shadow and light did not bleed around the sides
this image was created from a SketchUp model fairly early in the design process. you'll notice it's a pretty good representation of the finished product. No surprises.

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