the Canon showroom in Wellington. We reversed the standard office/showroom layout (usually showroom to the street front and offices to the rear) to reflect the way Canon do business - their staff are treated as priority and visitors to the showroom are almost entirely by appointment. this layout reversal came about as a result of some well considered client involvement.

The delivery method for this project was a design/build contract with Arcon handling the main contract and primary client liaison role. these guys are great to work with - total commitment to doing it well.

the PSP opal multiwall panel is 6 metres long. illuminated from behind at the top and in front down low. the letters are 100mm thick 3D.
the staff work in the space behind the signage panel. this window is at the footpath edge - very close to passing pedestrians.
All services and structure was left as it is above 3m. we chose to use the ceiling allowance from the landlord to create zones of slotted MDF ceiling panels where we wanted to visually lower the ceiling and provide lower level lighting.
rolled ACM (thin white coated aluminium over back plastic). the letters are stencil cut through to a red panel behind.
a 750mm diameter fluorescent button light fitting from Light Studio

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