partridge jewellers

We have designed five shop fit outs for Partridge Jewellers. They sell high end product - Rolex, Tissot, Cartier and require their shops to reflect that quality. All joinery and furniture components are built off-site by our partner in these projects (Goldmark Joinery), set up as a full mock up in the factory, then dismantled and re-assembled on site. This approach ensures all potential problems and quality issues are resolved early in the process and results in minimal remedial work post installation.

there is a high level of security designed into all walls, glazing and glazing frames. All exterior faces are designed to resist attack.
This shop is long and skinny. We used this narrow uplit ceiling recess as a device to accentuate the length - and to provide a soft ambient light level through the shop.
we tried very hard to convince our client that fibre optic lighting would be a better solution for cabinet lighting than what we ended up with here. Client was more convinced that dichroic halogen makes the diamonds sparkle.
cabinet detailing is exceptional - a testament to Goldmark Joinery.
the lighting cables for these display cabinets are hidden routed from the floor through the leg - a pretty tricky detail for those that care about these things.
cabinet access is via the front panel and front section of glass rolling out on drawer mechanisms - all access details are disguised to maintain security.

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