the insiders

Neville is the one playing hockey. He's an industrial designer by qualification and consequently applies the ID taught design methodology approach to all projects. Nev is the design director on most projects. He will lead clients through the design process and direct the conceptual stages. A long term board member of the designers institute of New Zealand, advisor to the BCITO on architectural technology qualifications and one of the organizers of Wellington masters hockey.

Paul is a keen yachtsman - he's the one way out on the trapeze. Has a long history of managing the construction of large commercial buildings, office fit outs, apartment buildings and re-construction of buildings that have weather tightness issues. Paul is a vital component in the design process in the office - he has a buildability audit role in every project, controls cost and programme and maintains a constant liaison role with our clients throughout the project. He can be found in the office or on site most of the time except for the weekends - where he will be at worser bay yacht club.

Sebastian (seen here working up some timber) and Emma (full of youth and enthusiasm). Both have interior design degrees and work on the design and documentation of projects in the office.

Steve tells us that while it may look like he's just sitting on a rock, we should be aware he had to climb up there first - and it's a long way up. Steve is the controller of the design/contract documentation process within the office. His systems for recording and documentation are rigorous and precise. He is the backbone of our drawing development process - he's our rock ( when he's not sitting on it ).

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